09 - 112 Lost or Stolen Cards

If a Purchasing Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder must immediately contact the issuing bank to report it.

all 1-800-932-0036 or
(612) 332-2224 if outside the United States

After reporting a lost or stolen card to the issuing bank, the Cardholder must also immediately report a lost or stolen card to their PCard Manager along with a list of the fraudulent transactions (vendor and amount), if applicable. The PCard Manager must then report the lost/stolen card to the Campus PCard Administrator. 

Campus Contact Phone Number E-Mail
UNH Deb Hudson 603-862-2896 Banner.Pcard@unh.edu
USNH Mark Ford 603-862-2896 Banner.Pcard@unh.edu
PSU Tom Weeks 603-535-3298 psu-pcards@plymouth.edu
KSC Renee Harlow 603-358-2493 rharlow@keene.edu
GSC Jennifer Yee 603-513-1329 Accountspayable@granite.edu

A replacement card will be issued and mailed by the issuing bank directly to the Campus PCard Administrator who will forward to you at your campus address of record. If traveling, please request the issuing bank overnight the card directly to where you are staying.

The Campus PCard Administrator is responsible for updating Banner with the replacement PCard information. A replacement card does not require any additional Cardholder training, or the submission of a new cardholder acceptance agreement.

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