K. Alcohol Policy

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1.  Responsibility

1.1  The Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards are responsible for monitoring and updating this policy as needed.

2.   Guidelines

2.1  The University is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters mutually beneficial interpersonal relations and a shared responsibility for the welfare and safety of others. Because alcohol can have a significant effect on that environment, the University has adopted this policy for governing alcohol use by students, staff, faculty, visitors, and guests. The focus of University alcohol policy is to comply with local ordinances, state laws and federal laws that protect the health and welfare of individuals and the community. The possession, consumption, and transportation of alcohol by persons under the age of twenty-one is illegal in New Hampshire. While University policy permits responsible consumption of alcohol at some places and times, the consumption of alcohol should never be the primary purpose or focus of an event. Alcohol-free social events are encouraged.

2.2  All students are prohibited from engaging in any of the alcohol-related behaviors described in the Prohibited Conduct section of the Code of Conduct within the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities handbook.

2.3  Whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served at a University event, the acquisition, distribution, possession, or consumption of alcohol by members of the UNH community must be in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

2.4  Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at events where alcoholic beverages are served.

2.5  UNH has an interest in off-premises events held in its name. If alcohol is used illegally or inappropriately at such events, the University may take steps to protect its interests.

2.6  Additional provisions regarding Residential Alcohol Policy and Regulations and procedures related to service of alcoholic beverages at university events, may be found in the Alcohol policy within the Student Policies and Regulations section of the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities handbook.

3.  This policy is effective as of July 1, 2023.

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