II. Academic Policies


Table of Contents

UNH University of New Hampshire :: II. Academic Policies

A. Constitution of the Faculty Senate

1. Preamble
2. Purpose
3. Membership
4. Referral of Fundamental Issues to the Faculty
5. Implementation of Legislation
6. Officers of the Faculty Senate
7. Committees
8. Faculty Senate Bylaws and Rules
9. Amendments to the Constitution
10. Matters Pertaining to Collective Bargaining
11. Meetings Open to Faculty
12. Coordination with Students, Administration, and Staff
13. Evaluation and Reconsideration of the Faculty Senate

B. Bylaws of the Faculty Senate

1. Elections
2. Membership of Committees
3. Meetings
4. Definition of Faculty Senate Members
5. Faculty Senate Standing Committees and Corresponding Administrators

C. Misconduct in Scholarly Activity

1. Introduction and Guiding Principles
2. Definitions
3. Scope and Applicability
4. Requirements for Findings of Scholarly Misconduct
5. Evidentiary Standards
6. Rights and Responsibilities
7. Policy Statement
8. Process
9. Reporting
10. Records and Evidence
11. Assessment
12. Stage One Investigation
13. Stage Two Investigation and Determination
14. Administration of Sanction(s)
15. Grievance Procedures

D. Financial Conflict of Interest in Research [ Changed. See UNH VIII.E ]
E. Use of Human Subjects in Research [ Changed. See UNH VIII.F ]
F. Care and Use of Animals [ Changed. See UNH VIII.G ]

M. University Institutes

1. Criteria and Approval Process
2. Approval Process

N. Interdisciplinary Schools

1. Background and Rationale
2. Essential Characteristics of a School
3. Governance Structures and Process

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