III. Administrative Policies


Table of Contents

UNH University of New Hampshire :: III. Administrative Policies

A. Display of Flags on the Thompson Hall Flagpole

1. Responsibility
2. United States Flag
3. University of New Hampshire Flag
4. Other Flags

B. Mailing Lists and Directories

1. General
2. Mailing Lists
3. Policy
4. Directories

C. Policy on the Receipt of Gifts

D. Use of University's Name for Fundraising Purposes

E. Institutional Policy Development, Review and Approval

1. Authority
2. Definition and Elements
3. Adoption, Amendment and Repeal of UNH Institutional Policy
4. Institutional Policy Initiation and Development
5. Policy Status
6. Interpretation of Institutional Policy
7. Record Keeping

F. Protection of Minors

1. Purpose
2. Definitions
3. Background Checks
4. Reporting Obligation
5. External Groups and Outside Contractors
6. Violation of Policy

J. Firearms on Campus

K. Alcohol Policy

M.  Promotion and Advertising

1. Purpose
2. Intent
3. Procedure

N. Industrial Consortia

1. Definitions
2. Policy

O. International Travel Policy

1. Purpose and Scope
2. International Travel Registry
3. International Travel Assistance & Insurance Program
4. International Travel Risk Review

P. Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  Spanish version

1. Preamble
2. Definitions
3. Policy Statements
4. Status and Designations
5. Privacy Officer, Security Officer, and Privacy Coordinators
6. Procedures
7. HIPAA Advisory Committee
8. Training
9. Enforcement

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