C. Policy on the Receipt of Gifts

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1.   All gifts and matching gifts from individuals, foundations, corporations, trusts, etc., and other donations such as real property whether transmitted to the University of New Hampshire or to the University of New Hampshire Foundation, with the exception of those associated with New Hampshire Public Television, must be recorded through the University's and Foundation's joint gift recording and accounting system within 48 hours of receipt. Proper documentation specifying the name and address of the individual donor as well as the donor's wishes with respect to the use of the gift (if any) and the intended recipient of the gift must accompany cash, checks, negotiable securities, and other forms of donation. The UNH Foundation will provide the donor with acknowledgment of all gifts keeping in mind Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

2.   Grants and contracts are not gifts, and they are processed in a different manner. Grants and contracts in support of specific sponsored programs and projects which require periodic reporting and financial accounting to the grantor or contractor must be processed through the Sponsored Program Administration. That office must also review and approve all agreements related to technology transfer including, but not limited to, licensing of inventions, patents, software, and biological materials.

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