B. Mailing Lists and Directories

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1.   General

1.1   The University of New Hampshire maintains mailing lists of specific audiences of special interest such as students, parents of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and some other groups.

2.   Mailing Lists

2.1   Mailing lists are defined as a listed record of the names and mailing addresses of a specific audience in the form of a computer printout, addressograph plate listing, labels, or other similar formats. The purpose of these lists is the mailing of materials and information having to do with the business of the University or the University System.

2.2   Such lists are maintained as a necessary communications tool to be used solely by academic, administrative, and student offices. The lists are not intended for use by organizations or interests not affiliated with the University or the University System.

3.   Policy

3.1   It is the policy of the University that mailing lists will be made available (through the office which is responsible for gathering and maintaining such lists) only to offices that are a part of the University or University System and only to carry on the communication of University and campus business and operations. Lists and/or labels will not be made available by any campus or System office or group to organizations or interests not a part of the University or University System.

3.2   However, it is recognized that the Alumni Association and the UNH Foundation because of the uniqueness of their activities may face different mailing needs than other campus offices. Therefore, the Foundation and Alumni Association -- through their boards of directors and professional administrators -- are encouraged to follow the policy herein, but the ultimate responsibility for any deviation from the policy rests with the Association/Foundation.

3.2.1   Alumni Database Information Usage Policy   The alumni database information is for official University, Alumni Association, and UNH Foundation use only. This information is not to be used for commercial or political purposes, or solicitations for non-University business.   Data provided is to be used only by the requesting department/individual and not passed on to third parties without strict usage controls which conform to the alumni database information usage policy. Data must be used only for the purpose for which it was requested. Data is perishable due to a high volume of address changes and must be used and/or discarded within 30 days from receipt. The Alumni Office will rerun the data if not used within 30 days. This information is not to be used to create local databases.   Individual financial or giving data should not be released under any circumstances without prior approval of the UNH Foundation's AVP of Advancement Services.   Any misuse of the alumni database information constitutes misappropriation of UNH property and will result in revocation of the requestor's access to alumni data and/or disciplinary action under UNH/USNH regulations.   Request Procedures

From outside Alumni Association/UNH Foundation:

  • Request must originate from a Dean, Vice president, Director, Department Chair, or similar University official
  • Request must be made using the online form (in the drop down menu entitled "Request Type" please select "Report Request")
  • Sample or draft of material to be sent must be attached and/or the intended use must be specified
  • Returned information to the requestor will include the Alumni Database Information Usage Policy and must be strictly adhered to

From Alumni Association/UNH Foundation:

  • Within the UNH Foundation, all list requests for any purpose must be cleared through the UNH Foundation's AVP Advancement Services

4.   Directories

4.1   It is noted that UNH publishes staff and faculty and/or student directories, alumni directories, and the like. When published, these are public documents, and this policy does not prohibit the acquisition of such publications by organizations and interests not a part of the University.

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