A. Campus Master Plans: Development

Each institution shall develop and submit to the Chancellor a Campus Master Plan which includes at least the following:

1.   Plan horizon date, which shall be at least 20 and not more than 25 years distant.

2.   Planning assumptions as to numbers, departmental distribution and activities of students, faculty and staff at current and horizon dates.

3.   Space program for horizon date, defining requirement by departmental and activity groups.

4.   Comprehensive analysis of existing buildings, potential building sites, vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems, parking, natural conditions and site improvements, and utility systems.

5.   Boundaries of all real property holdings (including leased property) and the locations of all buildings, streets, walks, utility lines, parking lots, athletic fields, etc.

6.   Identification of major capital improvement projects for which substantially full construction funding has been committed.

7.   Graphic representation of major functional interrelationships between existing buildings.

8.   Narrative statement of the physical development goals and priorities which the Master Plan will attempt to achieve.

9.   Narrative statement of broad design and planning concepts underlying specific recommendations of the Plan.

10.   Detailed narrative, tabular and graphic recommendations for physical changes to provide the space, and achieve the goals identified in the preceding analysis, by the Plan horizon date, including all significant new and existing buildings, vehicular circulation and parking, pedestrian circulation and landscape design, utility systems, phasing, cost estimates, and executive summary.

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