C. Campus Facilities Plans (six year)

1.   Each institution shall prepare and submit a Campus Facilities Plan on or before November 1 in each odd numbered year, which shall list, identify funding source(s) for, and describe all facility projects which will require expenditure of any funds within the six year period beginning July 1 of the following year. "Facility projects" shall include all property acquisition or disposal, new construction, renovation and/or facilities repair, with the exception of projects with a total cost less than $200,000 which are limited to repairs, utility system improvements, improvements required by codes, and interior renovations. Campus Facilities Plans shall include at least the following:

1.1   Spreadsheet summary, listing all projects in priority order, and indicating for each (a) total project cost, (b) total previous expenditures, (c) anticipated expenditures in each fiscal year within the six-year plan period, (d) fund source for each expenditure, and (e) total expenditures anticipated after the end of the plan period. The spreadsheet should also display (a) total expenditures by fiscal year, (b) totals by year/by fund source, (c) six-year grand totals.

1.2   Statement of construction cost(s) for each project, based on average costs per square foot prevailing at time of preparation of the plan for similar construction.

1.3   Narrative description and justification of each project initiated or significantly modified since submittal of the preceding six-year plan.

2.   All projects included in each Campus Facilities Plan shall be consistent in all respects with the submitting institution's approved Master Plan, as revised and/or amended to date. Campus Facilities Plans must include all repair and renovation projects scheduled in Master Plans.


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