B. Campus Master Plans: Maintenance

1.   Revisions. Each institution shall revise its Campus Master Plan not more than five years after the submittal date of the original plan, and at intervals of not more than five years thereafter. Periodic revisions shall include a new horizon date, planning assumptions and detailed recommendations as required for the original plan, revised to reflect current conditions, projections and objectives.

2.   Amendments. Campus Master Plans may be amended at any time by written request which includes the following:

2.1   Narrative description of proposed change(s).

2.2   Specific narrative justification of proposed changes (i.e. changed enrollment assumptions, new programs not anticipated in original plan, etc.)

2.3   Revised wording and/or data required to bring all text, formulas, charts, tables, etc., in the plan into full agreement with the proposed changes.

2.4   Revised overlays describing all changes required to graphic plans and other drawings in the Master Plan to bring them into full agreement with the proposed changes.

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