VI. Property Policies

Table of Contents

USY Administrative Board :: VI. Property Policies

A. Campus Master Plans: Development

B. Campus Master Plans: Maintenance

  1. Revisions
  2. Amendments

C. Campus Facilities Plans (six year)

  1. Plan Description
  2. Consistency with Master Plan

D. Campus Projects Schedules (two-year)

  1. Date Due
  2. Consistency with Six-Year Plan
  3. Revisions

F. Operation and Maintenance of Property

  1. University System Authority
  2. Delegation of Authority
  3. Policy on Environmental Health and Safety
  4. Policy on Use of Technological Resources - replaced by the Cybersecurity Policy
  5. Information Technology Security Policy - replaced by the Cybersecurity Policy
  6. USNH Data Classification Policy - replaced by the Information Classification Policy
  7. Privacy Policy - moved to USY VIII.E
  8. USNH Password Policy - moved to USY VIII.D
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