F. Submission of Agenda Items

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F. Submission of Agenda Items

1.  Distribution of Agenda and Materials.  Meeting agendas and supporting materials ordinarily shall be available to Trustees at least eight (8) days in advance of a scheduled meeting of the full Board or any Committee.  In unusual circumstances the Board Chair or Committee Chair may authorize the distribution of an agenda and/or supporting materials closer to the scheduled meeting.

2.  Review and approval of Agenda Items.  The Board Chair or Committee Chair may require the prior review and approval of agenda items and/or supporting materials and can in their discretion establish a deadline for the submission of items and materials for review.

3.  Late Items and/or Materials.  Under extraordinary circumstances and with the approval of the Board Chair or Committee Chair, late items and/or materials may be included on the agenda, clearly labeled on the agenda and in the minutes as a “Late Item.”  The Board’s or Committee’s deliberation of a late item shall include explicit discussion of whether Trustees have had sufficient time to review, understand, and consider the item and any related materials.

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