12 - 003 USNH Signature Authority Guidelines

A. General Guidelines

1. Delegation is to an individual who holds a designated position

2. Delegation is permanent until revoked (n.b., some circumstances may dictate otherwise)

3. Re-delegations may occur (to be considered on a case-by-case basis)

a. Those officials receiving a re-delegation may not re-delegate further unless the delegation specifically allows for further re-delegation

b. Multiple delegations of the same authority are acceptable (e.g., from a Dean to all Department Chairpersons)

c. The Treasurer is to be informed of all re-delegations

d. In all cases of delegation or re-delegation of signature authority, ultimate responsibility for transactions entered into is retained by the position having original signature authority

4. All delegations are to be reviewed on an annual basis, but will not be re-written unless there is a compelling necessity (e.g., title change, etc.)

B. Delegation of Purchasing Authority (Purchase Orders, only)

1. The purchase of goods and services, the sale of surplus/salvage goods and the disposal of any items of value other than real property for the USNH is delegated by the Treasurer to the USNH Director of Purchasing. (See Procedure 6-001: Purchasing Policy). This delegation has no dollar limits.

2. With approval from the Treasurer, the USNH Director of Purchasing may further re-delegate to all purchasing assistants, agents, managers and directors throughout USNH.

C. Delegation for Research and Sponsored Programs (at the University of New Hampshire) Contracts/Agreements

1. The Treasurer will delegate the authority to execute contracts, agreements and other legal documents related to the provision of research or consulting services, or other sponsored programs to the Senior Vice Provost for Research and the Director of Sponsored Programs Administration. These delegations have no dollar limits.

2. These Officers may re-delegate this authority only as specifically noted on the University of New Hampshire Sponsored Programs Administration Institutional Signature Authority Form. See Research - Get Approvals

D. All Other Delegations

1. The Treasurer will delegate authority (subject to dollar limits) to each institution's chief financial officer for the following:

a. student affiliation, internship and/or clinical agreements

b. exchange programs

c. sponsored programs (at UNH the CFO will sign only in the event that neither of the named officials in Section 3.1, above is available)

d. leases and rentals -- revenue

e. leases and rentals expense

f. independent contractor(s) (e.g., consultants; service providers)

g. artistic performances

h. tuition compacts

i. construction and renovation work (some exceptions may apply)

2. CFOs may re-delegate some or all of the authority granted to them

3. The following items are not under the purview of the CFOs, and specific, separate delegations may be made by the Treasurer to those officials who are responsible for these areas:

a. purchase or sale of real property

b. acceptance of gifts of any type (e.g., Board of Trustee policy restricts this to the Chancellor, the Presidents and in the case of real property, to the Financial Affairs Committee of the Board; See BOT VI.B.3: Gifts of Real Property, Equipment, Supplies and Materials; at UNH the UNH Foundation may also accept gifts of any type, see UNH III.C.1: Policy on the Receipt of Gifts.

c. hiring outside legal counsel

d. hiring auditors and/or accountants

e. personnel benefits

f. banking services

g. insurance

h. acquiring an equity interest in start-up companies in exchange for the transfer of technology and other intellectual property (See UNH IV.D: Management of Equity Interests in Start-up Companies).

i. federal, state and local tax returns and other tax-related documents

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