USNH Financial Services Policies and Procedures

02 - 045 Definition of an ACTV Code

Definition of a Banner Activity (ACTV) Code

An Activity is the second "A" in FOAPAL - - the set of elements that defines an accounting string in Banner.

It is a 6 character user-defined alpha-numeric code.

The Banner Activity is used to aggregate revenues or expenses across funding sources by related purpose for reporting that cannot be captured in other elements of the FOAPAL. It is typically used to account for special activities or events.

It is possible to budget at the activity level, but spending is not controlled at this level.

The creation, use and maintenance of Banner Activity codes is decentralized, allowing users to add Activity codes as needed by directly updating the table in Banner.

Questions to ask to determine whether an Activity:

If the answer is "Yes" to one or more of the following, Activity will more than likely be needed-

  • Is activity relatively simple or not ongoing?
  • Is activity minimal?
  • Are there little or no payroll expenses?
  • Is little management required by the activity?
  • Is activity an internal designation rather than an external designation such as a gift?
  • Is the user trying to report on activity not already recorded in other elements of the FOAPAL? For example, segregating a travel budget by faculty member?
  • Is activity related to a conference, workshop, event or function?

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