A. Openness, Access, and Participation in Research and Scholarly Activities

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1.   Introduction

1.1   A core value of the University of New Hampshire (University) is the open exchange of research and scholarly information both within the University and between the University and the public. This policy addresses the circumstances under which University research and scholarship are conducted in an open environment, regardless of whether or not a sponsored program is involved.

2.   Authority and Responsibility

2.1   The Senior Vice Provost for Research holds the responsibility to uphold the University's policy on openness, access, and participation in research and scholarly activities.

3.   Applicability and Scope

3.1   This Policy applies to all members of the University community including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, and students; visiting scholars, scientists, and postdoctoral fellows; and any other persons engaged in research at or under the auspices of the University.

3.2   This policy does not apply to consulting or other activities conducted in an individual capacity and without the use of University facilities or resources.

4.   Policy

4.1   Research and scholarship will be accomplished openly for the exchange of ideas and information and without prohibitions on the dissemination of the results of these activities. The University will not accept restrictions that limit the access of any interested parties, including foreign nationals, to the University's research and scholarly activities. This is essential to the progress of research and scholarship in all disciplines across the University.

4.2   There can be no fundamental limitation on the freedom to disseminate the results of research and scholarship conducted on the part of the University. Therefore:

4.2.1   The University will enter into no agreement that bars any University researcher or scholar from publishing or otherwise disclosing his/her findings publicly. However, the University may agree to delay a publication or other form of disclosure for no more than 30 days to allow a sponsor to determine whether a) sponsor proprietary information may be revealed or b) the sponsor will exercise rights under patent clauses in agreements with the University. With the researcher’s written consent, the University may extend such delay for a maximum of an additional 60 days to allow for the filing of appropriate patent protection. All publication or other disclosure delays agreed to by the University must be detailed in the written sponsored project agreement.

4.2.2   The University may accept a sponsor's proprietary materials or information when the materials or information convey(s) important background information for a specific research project. Requirements regarding access, use, and protection of such materials or information must be agreed to in a written Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or other confidentiality agreement and must not restrict the dissemination of research results. Sponsor requirements should not proscribe citation of the sponsor name in publications.

4.2.3   Proprietary materials or information must be labeled as such by the sponsor before release to the University researcher. The researcher’s use of such materials or information must comply with the terms of the NDA as negotiated between the sponsor and the University.

4.3   Projects conducted at a government or sponsor site may require sponsor approval of a foreign national's access to their facilities. The University will agree to such conditions provided there is no expectation that the dissemination of research or scholarly results would also be subject to restrictions or require approval.

4.4   Under circumstances where it is clear and demonstrable that the objectives of the University will be served (using the University's Academic Plan or, where applicable, a Unit’s Academic or Strategic Plans as guides), rare exceptions to this Policy may be granted by the Senior Vice Provost for Research. Researchers wanting an exception should forward a written request (endorsed by the relevant Dean or Unit Director) that describes:

4.4.1   How the request is consistent with the University's objectives (Academic Plan, Strategic Plan, or other); and

4.4.2   How the researcher and others in their lab/research group will comply with the specific requirements and limit the impact of the requirements to the particular sponsored project under consideration.

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