B. Classified Work

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1.   Introduction

    1.1   A core value of the University of New Hampshire (University) is the open discovery and exchange of knowledge through publication, education, and public outreach. Because of this core value, the University does not endorse or support the conduct of classified work on campus.

2.   Definitions

    2.1   Classified information or material. Information or material determined by the U.S. government to require protection against unauthorized disclosure for reasons of national security or any restricted data as defined in paragraph r or section 11 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. Classified information or material is categorized at one of three levels: top secret, secret, or confidential.

    2.2   Classified work. Any activity that uses classified information or material.

3.   Authority and Responsibility

    3.1   The President of the University holds the authority and responsibility to uphold the University's core value of free and open exchange of scholarly information.

4.   Applicability and Scope

    4.1   This Policy applies to all members of the University community including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, and students; visiting scholars, scientists, and postdoctoral fellows; and any other persons engaged in scholarly activity at or under the auspices of the University.

    4.2   This policy does not apply to consulting or other activities conducted in an individual capacity and without the use of University facilities or resources. Consulting activities must conform to the separate University System of New Hampshire policy on conflict of interest (https://www.usnh.edu/policy/usy/v-personnel-policies/d-employee-relatio…) and, if applicable, the AAUP-UNH/University System of New Hampshire Collective Bargaining Agreement.

5.   Policy Statement

    5.1   It is the policy of the University that instruction, scholarship, and service will be accomplished openly and without prohibitions on the publication and dissemination of the results of scholarly and research activities. Specifically:

        5.1.1   The University neither conducts classified work on campus nor permits use of University facilities for such work.

        5.1.2   Classified information will not be stored or maintained on campus, and the University will not provide the campus-based facilities required to assure the security of such information.

        5.1.3   If a change in security requirements places a research project in conflict with this policy, the University shall endeavor to (1) have the change in security requirements withdrawn; (2) negotiate the University's continued performance of work not affected by changes to the security requirements; or (3) terminate the project in whole or in part, as may be appropriate.

        5.1.4   No restrictions are placed by this policy on the pursuit of funding for, or participation in, collaborative research that uses classified information, as long as that information is used and secured off-campus. Obtaining the clearances required for such off-campus work is the responsibility of the researcher. If the basis for the researcher's work is classified information, related on-campus activity must remain open.

    5.2   This policy does not require disclosure of the identity of human research subjects whose participation in research projects is secured through pledges of anonymity. Further, this policy does not require disclosure of confidential student, patient, or employee records protected by Federal, state or University policies or of information protected by professional ethics.


Related University Policy:

Openness, Access, and Participation in Research and Scholarly Activity (https://www.usnh.edu/policy/unh/viii-research-policies/openness-access-…)

Related Federal Requirements:

PL 96-456, Classified Information Procedures Act
EO 12356, National Security Information
42 USC 2014(y), Atomic Energy Act of 1954 or section 11

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