C. Safety Policy and Procedures

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1.   Policy

1.1   This policy sets forth Plymouth State University's commitment to provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment for employees, students and visitors.

1.2   Plymouth State University is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment and to complying with federal, state and local statutes and ordinances and USNH policy.

1.3   Plymouth State University is responsible for information and programs directed at protecting the environment and the health and safety of employees, students, and visitors.

1.4   Supervisors are accountable for the health and safety of persons who report to them.

1.5   Supervisors shall ensure that persons directed by them understand and comply with prescribed safety regulations and work practices.

1.6   Management shall investigate all hazards of which they become aware and shall take appropriate corrective action.

1.7   Employees must comply with statutory requirements and established safe work practices and report unsafe or hazardous conditions to their supervisors.

1.8   Contractors and subcontractors undertaking work for Plymouth State University must comply with all relevant environmental health and safety statutes and policies.

2.   Implementation

2.1   The authority and responsibility for the implementation of this policy is assigned to the Department of Physical Plant, Environmental Services.

2.2   The Department of Physical Plant, Environmental Services, in conjunction with the Plymouth State University Safety Committee, will provide regular reports to all the PSU faculty and staff concerning the continuing status of health and safety programs and of any outstanding orders issued to the College for breaches of health and safety or environmental statutes.

3.   PSU Safety Organization

3.1   Responsibilities

3.1.1   Establish a coordinator of the PSU Safety Committee

3.1.2   Advise and coordinate departmental safety committees

3.1.3   Establish and maintain a safety library

3.1.4   Coordinate and schedule safety and health training for employees

3.1.5   Review, investigate and report all accidents/incidents involving employees, students and visitors to PSU Safety Committee

3.1.6   Advise the administration and PSU Safety Committee on all matters of safety, health and environmental issues

3.1.7   Conduct safety/health inspections at least annually of all work places and submit audits to the PSU Safety Committee

3.1.8   Enforce safety rules and regulations pursuant to the personnel policies as set forth in USY V.C.8.2, 8.3 and 9

4.   PSU Safety Committee

4.1   Membership

4.1.1   Administrative representatives shall consist of the following:   Director of Physical Plant   Director of Personnel   Supervisor of Environmental Services

4.1.2   Employee representatives shall be selected by employees and shall include at least the following:   Operating Staff (four (4) members)   PAT staff members (two (2) members)   Faculty (two (2) members)

4.1.3   Ex officio members shall be:   Personnel Office's Workers' Compensation clerk   Physical Plant Office Administrator (recorder)

4.1.4   Any employee who participates in Committee activities shall be paid at his/her regular rate of pay for all time spent on such activities

4.2   Responsibilities

4.2.1   Hold quarterly meetings and maintain minutes

4.2.2   Elect chairperson -- position must be rotated between administrative and employee representatives

4.2.3   Review previous meeting minutes and follow up on recommendations made by committee

4.2.4   Review accident and investigation reports, generate recommendations for safety standards and rules and assign responsibilities and target dates for implementation

4.2.5   Disseminate to all employees a Safety Committee policy along with clearly established goals and objectives of the Committee

4.2.6   Provide means for review by all employees of current safety programs

4.2.7   Discuss and recommend for approval or disapproval proposed new safety policies and procedures

4.2.8   Make recommendations for specific safety training topics and participate in safety training

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