D. Weapons on Plymouth State University Premises

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1.   Purpose: A safe and secure working and learning environment is a top priority for Plymouth State University. To support this commitment to safety for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors, use and possession of all firearms, other dangerous weapons intended to inflict injury, or explosives are prohibited on any property owned, controlled or operated by Plymouth State University.

2.   Exception: This policy does not apply to

  • Law enforcement officers while actively engaged in carrying out their duties and any trained security personnel when approved in advance by the university's Director of Public Safety or his designee. The Director of Public Safety may grant permission in writing to an individual, academic or research department, or operational department to possess a weapon or ammunition on campus for instructional or other qualified purposes subject to conditions as approved by the Director of Public Safety.

3.   Violation: Any person violating this policy shall be subject to appropriate legal action, sanctions under the student code of conduct, and administrative sanctions as applicable for just cause.

4.   Storage: Subject to available space limitations, the Director of Public Safety may store firearms for faculty and staff upon request.

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