08 - 016 Student Group Fundraising Activities


For purposes of this policy, fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of a charitable donation to entities other than USNH campuses or organizations, or for organizational budget enhancement.  This activity must not conflict with the USNH missions of Instruction, Research and Public Service, and requires the approval of the campus Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or his/her designee at least two weeks before the fundraising activities are planned to begin.


This policy is applicable to all fundraising activities by student organizations on campus owned, operated, or controlled property for the benefit of the student organization or for non-university affiliated charitable organizations. Due to the scope and breadth of student fundraising activities, USNH acknowledges that this policy cannot address every possible issue that may arise.  Thus, each campus has the authority to impose reasonable restrictions and/or requirements with respect to the time, place, and manner of fundraising activities that may be in addition to those set forth in this policy.

For the purpose of this policy student organizations are defined as any student group authorized to conduct activities on campus grounds. This includes student organization receiving student activity fees allocation, athletic or recreational clubs and any other student group authorized to operate on campus.


  1. Only student organizations defined above may set up these types of fundraising activities.
  2. The student organization planning the event is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the event.
  3. When the activity is on behalf of third-party, the student organization should ensure that the receiving organization is a legal not-for-profit organization. For more information on charitable organizations refer to: https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/exempt-organization-types
  4. Fundraising activity for external organizations other than legal 501(c)(3) charitable organization is not permitted 
  5. Only a member of the student organization may engage in the solicitation of donations.
  6. USNH faculty and staff (including paid student workers) must refrain from solicitation activities during regular work hours unless they have approval from the campus CFO or designee.
  7. Campuses may provide department space for bake sale items, t-shirt/jewelry sales, or space for seasonal clothing and food drive collections. 
  8. Campuses should have procedures in place for how donations are to be collected, safeguarded, and deposited, as well as how the student organization should request payment to the charitable organization after funds are deposited, if applicable.
  9. Any student handling credit card payments must complete a PCI Compliance training. This should be coordinated with the related department.
  10. Monies raised and expenses incurred for fundraising activity that benefits a non-university affiliated charitable organization must be recorded in an assigned campus custodial fund code. Activity of individual student organizations, clubs, or groups may be tracked using other Chart of Account elements such as an Org code or an Activity code.   
  11. Student organizations are prohibited from engaging in activities using crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe, or mobile wallets such as Venmo and the like. Any use of campus names, registered trademarks, or campus/team logos in conjunction with crowdsourcing is prohibited.
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