08 - 002 Advertising

A. Summary

Advertising expenses are allowed to the extent they are reasonable and necessary to carry out the mission of USNH. Restrictions regarding funding source must be complied with.

B. Promoting USNH Events

Advertising in newspapers, programs, etc. to promote USNH events is allowable. However, these costs must be charged to specific account codes (i.e., 71C100-Advertising non-employment, 71C120 - Advertising Radio, 71C130-Advertising TV/Cable) to ensure they are not charged to federally sponsored programs. See Procedure 2-065, Allocation of Centrally Funded Costs, and Procedure 2-060, Unallowable Costs, for further information.

C. Recruitment

Recruitment advertising (help-wanted ad) is allowable provided the ad has been approved by the campus Human Resources Office.

D. Charitable Organizations

Advertising accomplished through a charitable organization is allowed provided:

  1. There is a documented business purpose connected to the mission of USNH, and
  2. The total cost is less than or equal to the value of goods or services received.

For example:

  1. The School of Health and Human Services rents space at an Aids Awareness seminar to educate the public on a health issue. The rent paid for the space must be reasonable for the space provided.
  2. Plymouth State University advertises its MBA program on NH Public Radio. The price paid for advertising must be less than or equal to the value of the advertising services received.

E. Political Advertising

Political advertising is unallowable. This includes the expense of advertising in political programs or for admission to political fundraising functions and similar events (see Procedure 8-006, Contributions - Charitable and Political).

F. Sponsored Programs

Advertising expenses, whether for recruitment or for other purposes, may be allowed against a sponsored program. Prior to charging any type of advertising expense to a sponsored fund account, employees at UNH must consult with Sponsored Programs Administration; employees at KSC, PSU and GSC must consult with their campus grant administrator.

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