B. Affirmative Action

1. Definition Affirmative Action is a federal initiative introduced in the 1960’s that requires an active effort to eliminate discrimination, and to establish fair access and promote equal employment and/or educational opportunities of members of minority groups, women, and other  underrepresented persons. (See USY V.C for the non-discrimination policy.)

2. Authority

2.1 The Board of Trustees authorizes the Chancellor, in consultation with the Administrative Board, to
establish affirmative action policies and an affirmative action plan that comply with State and Federal legislation.

3Affirmative Action Officers

3.1   Each component institution shall designate an individual(s) who will be responsible for organizing its affirmative action program. Responsibilities include grievance resolution, training and professional development to improve the USNH's affirmative action climate.

4. Affirmative Action Plan

4.1 The purpose of affirmative action plan is to create a workforce that is an accurate reflection of the demographics of the qualified available workforce in the relevant job market and includes additional efforts to recruit, hire and promote qualified women, minorities and individuals with disabilities.  An affirmative action plan covering the University System and each of its component institutions is adopted each year by the Administrative Board and posted on the USNH website.

4.1.1   Specific responsibilities are described in the employment and compensation sections. (Reference USY V.C and USY V.F)

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