C. Policy/Guidelines on Spousal/Partner Expenses

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1.   This policy is intended to supplement and be consistent with USNH Financial and Administrative Procedure 8-007 which stipulates that expenses for spouses, partners, and families of USNH employees are generally not paid or reimbursed by USNH unless there is a "compelling business reason," the expense is reasonable and prudent, and prior written approval has been obtained from the campus CFO.

2.   UNH Defines a "compelling business reason" for spousal/partner reimbursement to encompass:

2.1   Official University events (held on or off campus) designed to honor one or more UNH employees on the occasion of a service milestone, retirement, promotion, or special award. In such cases, the costs associated with the spouse(s)/partner(s) of the invitee(s)/honoree(s) would be a legitimate University expense. An official event is one hosted by a person who is in a supervisory capacity relative to the invitee(s)/honoree(s).

2.2   Meals customarily associated with recruitment efforts where finalists are accompanied by their spouses/partners in the final stages of the process.

2.3   Travel and meals associated with advancement/alumni relations activities where the spouse/partner of the UNH employee is expected to perform as a co-host.

2.4   Travel and meals associated with a professional meeting that a UNH employee must attend and where the spouse/partner has an independent role on the meeting agenda. In this case, the spouse/partner should submit a separate travel expense report.

2.5   Meals hosted by the President for the purpose of advancement and alumni relations, town-gown relations, USNH relations, government relations, and/or faculty/staff/student morale.

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