VII. Executive Committee Charter

VII.  Executive Committee Charter

The Executive Committee (the “Committee”) of the Board of Trustees, established in Article V, Section 3(a) of the Board’s Bylaws, is composed of the Board Officers and the chairs of the standing committees.  The Committee’s primary authority and responsibility shall be the oversight and coordination of the work of all the Board’s committees and subcommittees.  The Committee shall have the following further authority and responsibility to:

  1. Act on behalf and in the name of the full Board of Trustees in all matters requiring Board action between Board meetings, except the election of a president or chancellor.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board on the development and coordination of long-range planning and the general administration of USNH.
  3. Review and evaluate the performance of, and set compensation for, the Chancellor and Presidents, in accordance with Board policy.
  4. Oversee strategic planning, collective bargaining, employee compensation including benefits, and any other subject area not otherwise assigned to another committee or subcommittee.
  5. Oversee, implement, decide, and/or approve such other areas, subjects, or matters as may be necessary, desirable, or expedient.
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