Introduction from Management

The statements contained in this document are designed to:

  1. Document financial transaction procedures applicable to all campuses of the University System.
  2. Serve as a reference for both experienced and infrequent users of the USNH ERP system, BANNER Finance.
  3. Provide guidance and reference for all persons performing financial functions.
  4. Promote administrative efficiency by clearly documenting correct methods of transaction processing.
  5. Promote consistency and uniformity in the treatment of financial transactions.
  6. Complement training of personnel to meet financial reporting and management control requirements.
  7. Reduce the need of central processing support staff to spend time answering each individual inquiry on a particular subject. With these documents, departmental users will be referred to the appropriate procedure in the documentation.

If there is a question on any of the material covered in the procedures, users are urged to contact the USNH Corporate Accounting Manager at 603-862-3127 or e-mail

Comments, suggestions, input and additional draft procedures are needed and encouraged to make this document more complete and useable for everyone at USNH with financial responsibilities. Your continued support is essential.

The official version of this information will only be maintained in an on-line web format. Any and all printed copies of this material are dated as of the print date. Please make certain to review the material on-line prior to placing reliance on a dated printed version.

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