III. Keene State College


Keene State College prepares promising students to think critically and creatively, to engage in active citizenship, and to pursue meaningful work. As the public liberal arts college of New Hampshire, we offer an enriching campus community and achieve academic excellence through the integration of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.


Our liberal arts mission dedicates us to the development of knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of our changing world. As a public institution, we provide educational opportunities for all qualified students and continue our heritage of service to New Hampshire and the New England region.

We value:

  • All members of our community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.
  • Strong relationships among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship.
  • Commitment to learning and cultural enrichment.
  • Social justice and equity in our community and in our curriculum.
  • Educational challenge and support for a wide range of learners.
  • Physical and financial access and support.
  • Balanced development of mind, body, and character.
  • Diversity, civility, and respect.
  • Civic engagement and service to the community.
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Partnerships that enhance the quality of life in the Monadnock region, New Hampshire, and the world.
  • An attractive campus that inspires and supports inquiry, reflection, and social interaction.
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