ARTICLE VI. University System Student Board

There shall be a University System Student Board ("USSB") to advise the Board of Trustees and each of its committees on all topics and matters of interest to the students of any or all of the component institutions of USNH. The USSB shall be comprised of eight students, two from each of the USNH component institutions, including the two Student Trustees serving under RSA 187-A:13, III. Each institution shall establish an appropriate procedure for the election of one representative to the USSB for years in which the institution elects a Student Trustee and two representatives in other years. Each institution may but is not required to reserve one (but no more than one) representative position for a graduate student. Members of the USSB will serve from July 1 of the year in which they are elected to the following June 30. The members of the USSB shall elect a Chair from among themselves. The USSB will meet at the call of the USSB Chair to consider and make recommendations to the Board or any of the Board's committees. Each USSB member is entitled to one vote on all matters coming before the USSB, five members shall constitute a sufficient quorum for the conduct of business, and all votes shall be decided by majority rule. The Officers of the Board of Trustees shall appoint each of the USSB members to one or more of the Board's committees. The Student Trustees, elected and serving under RSA 187-A:13, III, shall be full voting members of the committees to which they are appointed. The other members of the USSB shall be non-voting members of the committees to which they are appointed, entitled to participate in all committee business and activities, including non-public sessions.

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