ARTICLE II. Members of the Board

Section 1.   Composition. The composition and membership of the Board shall be as provided in RSA Chapter 187-A and the laws of the State of New Hampshire, as they may be amended from time to time.

Section 2.   Compensation. Members of the Board (the "Trustees"), other than the Chancellor, the Presidents, and the Student Trustees, shall perform their duties as Trustees without compensation. All Trustees shall be eligible for reimbursement of expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of their duties as Trustees.

Section 3.   Leaves of Absence. At the request of a member and for good and sufficient reason recorded, the Board of Trustees, or the Executive Committee acting on its behalf under Bylaws V, Section 3 (a), may grant the member a leave of absence, thereby excusing them from the Board’s attendance and participation requirements and expectations. The Board or Executive Committee decision shall include dates certain for the beginning and the end of the leave, which shall be no longer than justified and in no event longer than six (6) months. During the leave of absence, the member shall be relieved of the authority and duties of a Board Member and shall not participate, vote, or be counted for purposes of establishing a quorum in any Board or Committee meeting. The member may terminate the leave of absence at any time before or during the leave on written notice of intent to return to active status. Such notice shall be effective upon receipt by the Board Chair.

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