Medical & Prescription Benefits

You may choose from three Open Access Plus medical plans administered by Cigna.

All plans:​

  • Provide access to Cigna’s nationwide network of doctors and hospitals.​
  • Don’t require you to select a primary care provider.​
  • Cover the same services, including preventive care (generally covered at 100% in-network), emergency services, and inpatient and outpatient care.​
  • Include prescription drug coverage administered by OptumRx.​
  • Offer a fitness reimbursement program taxable benefit of up to $300 a year.

For each plan, you share in the cost of care through deductibles, copays, and/or coinsurance. The out-of-pocket costs you must pay depend on the plan you select. No matter which plan you choose, you’re protected from the high cost of large medical bills by an annual out-of-pocket maximum. The out-of-pocket maximum is the most you will pay for covered services in a calendar year before the plan pays 100% of covered expenses. For more information about the three plans available and their costs, review your Medical Plan Comparison and Cost Summary for your organization.​

Have you recently had a change in status (married, divorced, widowed, birth/adoption)? If so, your benefits must be changed within 30 days of the event.