Flexible Work Arrangements

The University System of New Hampshire (USNH) is pleased to continue providing options for flexible work when possible, given the wide success of work performed remotely during the 2020-2021 Academic Year. 

  • Flexible work arrangements can benefit both the institution and the employee by promoting an effective work/life balance, increasing space utilization, reducing impact on the environment, and increasing employee recruitment and retention.  
  • Each institution will establish approval procedures for Flexible Work arrangements. 
  • Please note that not all USNH jobs can be accomplished using a flexible work arrangement.
  • Existing arrangements will be reevaluated on a periodic basis to ensure optimal productivity.

The links below provide additional information regarding flexible work arrangements, including overview and guidelines, resource tool kit, proposal form, and current policy. To complete the form please download the PDF to fill out the form and sign digitally or fill out the form and print to sign. Once completed submit to your immediate manager for review and await approval status.