Compensation and Benefits Statement FAQs

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions and answers. Please email if you have questions not listed in the FAQs.

What is a Total Compensation Statement?

A Total Compensation Statement (TCS) is an overview of the value of your compensation and employee benefits, projected over a 12-month period. The statement also provides additional information around your compensation package, which includes your base salary, employer paid benefit contributions such as medical and prescription drug, life and AD&D, long term disability and retirement.

The USNH Total Compensation Statement, titled “Base Compensation and Benefits Statement”, was generated for active, benefits eligible employees and is based on your status effective March 14th, 2022. Reasonable measures have been taken to ensure this statement is an accurate estimate but actual experience over the course of the calendar year may vary and this is not a guarantee of future benefits or compensation.

Why didn’t I receive the Base Compensation and Benefits Statement?

If you were hired in March 2022 or later, you will not receive a statement. Benefits eligible employees can view their current elections anytime within In addition, WISE provides paycheck details that display earning information as well as employee benefit deductions and employer contributions to benefits.

What is the purpose of the Additional Benefits and Programs section?

It provides information on programs, services, and plans available to employees. You may already be participating in some of these programs, or you may see an option that you want to take advantage of in the future. If you are currently participating in any of these benefits, you can check your costs and coverage via the website.

How did you arrive at my Cash Compensation?

It is your regular annual budgeted salary as of March 14, 2022, which is estimated based on your regular appointment status and schedule. Please remember, this is just an estimate and not a guarantee of future compensation.

Does the Statement Include any Overtime?

No, the statement is an estimate and does not include any overtime or compensatory time in Cash Compensation.

Am I able to get a digital copy?

Please email for a digital copy of your statement.


403(b) Retirement Plan


How was my “Estimated 2022 Contributions” and “USNH Contributions” calculated?

USNH contributes to your retirement on a bi-weekly basis. For purposes of this statement, we projected contributions over a 12-month period based on your regular annual budgeted salary as of March 14, 2022. This information can be found in the Cash Compensation box the statement.

For example:

Cash Compensation is $55,000 and USNH is contributing 6% and you are contributing 4% of your bi-weekly earning. Your estimated 2022 contributions:  USNH $3,300; You $2,200
Your Cash Compensation of $55,000 is multiplied by .06 = $3,300 
Your Cash Compensation of $55,000 is multiplied by .04 = $2,200

Our estimates include the following IRS plan limits of $20,500 ($27,000 for employees age 50 and over). This estimate does not account for contributions made via the Supplemental 403(b) plan, or if USNH is contributing and additional 1% ARC retirement contribution.