For ALL electronic equipment (computers, printers, audio visual, etc.) please go to the UNH IT Security web site at Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal website (SEED) for further information and instructions, as well as a list of accepted equipment.


Refer to USNH policy 11 - 030 Disposal of Surplus Property for requirements.

In general, Surplus item(s) with an estimated current market value per unit of $1000 or greater, or vehicles of any type including boats, trailers, etc. (regardless of current market value) require USNH Procurement/Surplus approval, and must be advertised for bid for up to 14 days by USNH Procurement/Surplus. A surplus request can be submitted here.

Items with a current market value of less than $1,000 can be sold by the department following all campus and department specific procedures. Documentation of the sale including sale price and asset description must be submitted here for documentation.

Publicly available surplus

Publicly available surplus can be found on







Internal Transfers

The transferring department must complete the USNH 11-010F - Equipment Location Form and submit the form to USNH Property Control to ensure the asset location is updated in the inventory records.

Fixed Asset Tracking

All items of equipment acquired with USNH funds, including grant and contract funds, will be capitalized (carried as an asset in the USNH general ledger) and monitored in the USNH Equipment Inventory System.  Ownership may vest with a sponsoring agency or with USNH.  USNH capitalizes and tracks all equipment within the Equipment Inventory System regardless of ownership per Acquisition of Equipment Policy.