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How to do Business with the University System of New Hampshire

Welcome to the University System of New Hampshire's procurement page. We work with suppliers from diverse backgrounds to ensure that our organization has access to the best quality products and services available. As part of our commitment to streamlining procurement processes and ensuring supplier satisfaction, we have adopted the PaymentWorks solution to manage the supplier onboarding process.

Payment Terms

The University System has standard default payment terms associated with different payment options you can select from when you are creating your PaymentWorks profile.

  • ACH: 2/10 Net 30 (if payment is made within 10 days than a 2% discount is applied to the invoice, if it takes longer than 10 days the full payment is made within 30 days)
  • ACH: Net 30 (payment is made within 30 days of the invoice date)
  • Check: Net 45 (payment is issued within 45 days of the invoice date)
  • Wire: International Payments

Specific payment terms agreed to in existing or future contracts will be honored and applied to those contracts. Typically, specific payment terms will only be setup for contracts where there are additional discounts or other concessions associated with those terms.

Insurance Requirements

Please refer to the University Systems standard insurance requirements listed below. Suppliers must adhere to these specific requirements unless an insurance waiver is approved. Note that these are minimum requirements. Some contracts may require higher levels or other types of insurance coverage as determined by the University System.

Insurance requirements


To ensure timely processing, it is important that invoices match to the purchase order or contract, including the common items listed below:

  • Each invoice must contain a unique supplier invoice number on the invoice header.
  • Each PO invoice must include the applicable PO number on the invoice header. 
  • Invoices for any fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) must be submitted prior to July 7th of that year.
  • Invoices must match purchase order structure (line item, price, and quantity).
  • Invoice quantities must be in whole numbers, no decimals for fractions (i.e., cannot contain 1.25).
  • Invoices must be sent to AP directly at
  • Invoices must be submitted in a timely manner from date of delivery or service.
  • Invoice remit to address must match the remit to address provide through PaymentWorks.

RFx/Bid Opportunities

Publicly posted bid opportunities can be found at the University System Bid Portal

Suppliers can view, register and respond to bid opportunities using the bid portal. Note that the University System does not accept paper bid responses (unless otherwise stated on the specific bid), all bid packages must be submitted electronically through the bid portal adhering to the timeline and other requirements specified in the bid package.

Terms and Conditions

All purchase orders issued by the University System are subject to the following Terms and Conditions unless otherwise agreed to in writing and approved by Procurement.

Terms and Conditions