PCard Policies

USNH PCard Policy

09. USnH Purchasing Card Guides

The Purchasing Card (Pcard) provides a way to pay for travel expenses and departmental needs from infrequently used suppliers for small dollar purchases such as memberships and subscriptions.

UShopNH is the preferred method for most other purchases including small suppliers where frequent purchases are needed. Vendors not currently in UShopNH can be added using the instructions found on the USNH Procurement SharePoint site.


Related Policies for Common PCard Purchase Inquiries

Awards, Gifts and Prizes

08 - 008 Awards, Gifts, and Prizes

Awards, gifts and prizes are allowed to the extent the expense is reasonable and necessary to carry out the mission of USNH. Awards, gifts, and prizes may not be lavish or extravagant. Restrictions regarding funding source must be complied with. Proper classification of payments is necessary to differentiate between those considered scholarships, which may be tax-free and not reportable to the Internal Revenue Service and those that are awards, gifts or prizes, which may be taxable.

Pcards may not be used to purchase gifts, awards or prizes unless an approved temporary exception form is in place prior to purchase.

Alcohol Purchases

08 - 003 Alcohol

Alcohol is generally an unallowable expense. It is recognized that there may be a bona fide business reason to purchase alcohol, such as important donor functions. In addition, Dining Services and other departments may purchase alcohol for cooking, laboratory or resale purposes. If there is a compelling business reason and the expense is reasonable, the purchase of alcohol is allowable, if an appropriate source of funds is cited.

Pcards may not be used to purchase alcohol unless an approved temporary exception form is in place prior to purchase.  Typically, this includes donor and alumni related events only.  Designated and/or gift funds must be used and approval must be from CFO or their designee. 


For additional guidance, contact banner.pcard@usnh.edu.