PaymentWorks Supplier Portal

The University System (USNH) has adopted the PaymentWorks solution to streamline and manage the supplier onboarding process by reducing manual tasks and the significant time and risks associated with them.

PaymentWorks will go live in February 2023 and all new payees/suppliers who conduct business with the University System will onboard through PaymentWorks prior to conducting business.

For existing suppliers, there is no interruption to doing business, however you will need to register. Existing suppliers will be requested to register in PaymentWorks either:

  1. As part of our onboarding schedule to onboard all existing suppliers onto PaymentWorks.
  2. Whenever any information needs to be updated in a supplier profile.

Suppliers will receive a PaymentWorks registration request via email under both of these circumstances.

For technical assistance suppliers should visit PaymentWorks Help Center.

How does it work?



USNH Shopper or Requester completes a short registration request.


PaymentWorks sends a registration link to the payee email address.


Supplier completes a short registration process online.


Supplier information is validated and added.


Supplier may login to their account and update their information at any time.


  • Easily invite new suppliers and payees to register.
  • Track the progress of registration requests in a dashboard.
  • Allow suppliers to directly update their own data instead of collecting and forwarding update requests.
  • Receive fewer inquiries from suppliers since they can see invoice status and payment status in their PaymentWorks profile.
  • Improve relationships with suppliers who are paid faster when they self-register for ACH payments.

  • Register as a supplier online after receiving a registration request from a USNH shopper or requester.
  • Provide ACH information directly through a secure portal to setup electronic payments.
  • Manage one supplier profile for all organizations that utilize PaymentWorks.
  • View invoice and payment statuses directly from within the portal.
  • Upload and maintain insurance documents directly in the portal.

  • Ensure data accuracy with automatic validations on key data elements.
  • Improve data maintenance with supplier self-service that facilitates fast data updates.
  • Reduce risk with automated TIN Matching, Restricted Party Screening, and ACH Fraud Mitigation.
  • Faster onboarding for new payees.
  • Reduction in risk with ACH fraud mitigation measures.
  • Faster and more efficient payments with higher electronic payment adoption.

Once a supplier has been awarded a USNH contract or selected to receive a purchase order, the supplier will be required to onboard through PaymentWorks. This needs to occur prior to final execution of the contract or purchase order issuance in order to ensure multiple areas of compliance and risk are managed. The supplier will receive a registration link from PaymentWorks to the email address provided and must complete and submit the registration prior to any commitment from the University System.

Once your supplies has created a PaymentWorks account they can update and manage information within the account at any time, including:

  • Payment information
  • Updated certificates of insurance
  • Remittance address

PaymentWorks maintains a supplier onboarding support desk, you can contact PaymentWorks directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the custom forms will change to accommodate the supplier type and which questions are needed. A domestic (US) bank account will be required in order to sign up for ACH payments. Wires or check will be the only payment method available for those with foreign bank accounts. Please make sure to enter your intermediary bank account details, when appropriate.

If your country does not have a SSN or TIN to enter in the required field, please access the Help Center and contact Support in order to obtain a placeholder ID to use for your registration.

5 Chenell Drive
Suite 301
Concord, NH 03301

  • When creating a profile, you can choose to have PaymentWorks create a W-9 or you may upload a W-9.
  • W-8 BEN-E or W-8 BEN, if you are a foreign supplier/non-resident alien performing work inside the US.
  • Insurance Certificate.

PaymentWorks uses various methods and industry-leading software to validate supplier's banking information. In some occurrences they will still need to speak with someone listed on the account and yes, you may receive a phone call to confirm your details.

Suppliers may access and update information within the PaymentWorks portal.

For all name fields, please enter your full legal name. USNH prefers that individuals use mixed case format, with a leading upper-case letter followed by lower case, ex: John Smith.