Procurement manages the contracting process for contracts related to the procurement of goods and services which include construction, software, consulting, independent contractors, energy and utilities, etc. Further, various types of business contracts and MOUs are also coordinated through procurement in close coordination with department stakeholders.

In 2022 a system wide initiative to improve and streamline the contracting process resulted in a number of broad improvements, including:

  • The rollout of the Contracts + module within UShop to provide a central repository to track and manage all contracts across the University System.
  • The ability to link requisitions, purchase orders and invoices to contracts within UShop to facilitate reporting and compliance.
  • The ability to submit contract invoices directly for payment while linking them to the contract through the UShop Non-PO Payment Form.
  • Adoption of DocuSign to facilitate and accelerate the contract signature process.
  • A single ticket to intake contract requests from across the University System.