Purchase Order and Contract Requirements

Prior to a supplier providing any goods or services to USNH, the supplier must ensure they have one of the following:

  • USNH Purchase Order (Note: POs are electronically signed and do not require a USNH signature)
  • Fully Executed Contract (Note: contract must be fully executed and signed by both parties)
  • PCard Payment (Note: This is only applicable to low dollar non-recurring orders for non-restricted goods)

This ensures that the order has been approved, that it is compliant with applicable regulations and policies, necessary funds exist to cover the expense, and that invoices can be processed and paid in a timely manner.

It is important that suppliers pay particular attention to these requirements in order to avoid any situations where payment may be delayed or not authorized. This can occur in the case where funds do not exist to cover the expense, the purchase is non-compliant with applicable regulations or policies, where there is a dispute over the validity of the order and no document exists detailing the purchase, and other similar circumstances.

Please note that USNH requires actual authority for the procurement of goods and services and therefore all USNH employees or agents must have a valid delegation of authority to sign contracts or must be authorized to issue purchase orders through the USNH eProcurement System.

Questions regarding the validity of a contract or authorized representative can be sent to usnh.procurement@usnh.edu