A. Acquisition of Computer Hardware and Software

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1.   Policy Coverage

1.1   The computer acquisition policy shall cover only acquisitions for the use of the employees located at the University System of New Hampshire in Concord. Such acquisitions shall not cover acquisitions for the Internal Audit Department.

2.   Policy Review Schedule

2.1   The system technology committee shall review the portions of the policy related to hardware acquisition annually. The portions related to software will require further consideration as new software becomes available, and acquisitions not contemplated by these recommendations are proposed.

3.   Acquisition Requirements

3.1   Decisions regarding the acquisition of hardware or software shall be left up to the discretion of the unit supervisor. Those decisions shall be made in compliance with institutional policies on purchasing and expenditure of funds. Acquisitions shall only be made when in the supervisor's judgment the existing hardware is obsolete, or when the need for a specialized application arises. Memory and/or hardware upgrades shall be used whenever possible to prolong the useful lives of existing equipment.

3.2   All initial computer acquisitions shall be from the University Technology Center. However, there are cases where certain software and peripheral hardware may be available at lower cost from another vendor. After consulting with the UTC and internal technical advisers, supervisors shall have the discretion to make such acquisitions from external vendors.

3.3   Prior to purchasing new hardware or software the possibility of internal acquisition shall be explored. Old equipment and programs shall be made available to other interested users at the University System of New Hampshire in Concord.

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