Retirement Contribution Plans

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USNH offers all eligible employees the opportunity to save for their future with two retirement plans: the 403(b) Retirement Plan and the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan. Learn more about our retirement plans in our 2024 Benefits Guide.

The Summary of Plan Provisions describes plan information, including, but not limited to eligibility, enrollment, contribution levels, vesting* (including breaks in service), beneficiaries, withdrawals, involuntary termination, additional retirement contributions, and annual limits. The Plan is subject to federal laws, such as the Internal Revenue Code (IRS) and other federal and state laws. The provisions of the Plan are subject to revision due to changes in laws or to pronouncement(s) by the IRS. See Policy USY V.A.7. Benefits Following Retirement for information and eligibility.


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Vesting *   Vesting of contributions. Employees are fully and immediately vested in the accrued benefits arising from their contributions as well as employer contributions. Employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) should refer to their CBA to determine when they meet the vesting requirements.

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