Paid Time Off: UTime & UKG

UTime is USNH’s leave benefits program and time management system. UTime provides paid time-off-related benefits for a wide variety of needs, including personal and sick time, parental leave, disability, community service, and more. You use and track your UTime benefits through the UKG system. Occasionally, you may need to recover from an illness or injury, deal with a personal situation, or help a family member in need. And, of course, you look forward to holidays and vacation with family and friends. Our UTime program gives you time away from work for all these situations, allowing you to return recharged and ready to focus on your work. ​

​All status fiscal year (FY) faculty, exempt staff, and non-exempt staff are eligible for UTime benefits. You may also be eligible based on your collective bargaining agreement.​

Leave of Absence Information