System Office Staff

Chief Administrative Officer and Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs and Treasurer

Tia Miller

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor and Board Liaison

Patricia Waldvogel

Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Government Relations and Legislative Liaison

Lisa Thorne

Communications Director

Capital Planning & Development

Matthew Purcell

Director of Capital Planning and Development

David DeLuca

Facilities Supervisor

Finance & Administration

Karen Benincasa

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial Affairs

Kara Bean

Executive Assistant

George Bower

Senior Business Services Assistant

Sally Christensen

Senior Business Services Assistant

Tracy Coulombe

Accountant II

Jennifer Doherty

Senior Accountant

Mark Ford

Business Analyst

Karen Glew

Senior Accountant

Lorna Jacobsen

Manager, Policy and Risk Management

Jay Lamoureux

Manager of AP & Payroll

Tricia Legro

Accountant I

Jennifer MacDonald

Senior Business Services Assistant

William McDermott

Senior Information Support Technician

Francine Ndayisaba

Director, Controller and Financial Operations

Nancy Peterson

Financial Support Specialist

Carol Sendak

Tax Administrator

Sara Sheedy

Senior Accountant

Barbara Toomire

Financial Support Specialist

Financial Planning and Analysis

Brenda Glynn

Director, Finance Division

Katrina Boyajian

Financial Planning Administrator

Gregory Genest

Finance & Budget Analyst

General Counsel & Secretary

General Counsel and Secretary

Karyl R. Martin

Associate General Counsel

Tracy Birmingham

USNH Special Counsel

Jeanine M. Girgenti

USNH Special Counsel

Charlie Putnam

USNH Special Counsel

Paul Remus

USNH Special Counsel

Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer

Marc Fournier

Director of Human Resources – Benefits & Compensation

Amanda Riecks-Kurshinsky

Director of Human Resources - HRIS

Lauren Dews

HR Specialist II

Debbie Kirkorian

Information Technologist IV

Matthew Newland

Employment & Labor Relations Director

Kenya Plaza

Compensation & HR Data Analyst

Susan Poole

Human Resources & Communications Manager

Mary Ellen Reisch

Information System Technician & Business Analyst

Jan Rene

Employee Benefits Specialist

Susan Strogen

Benefits Specialist

Trisha Waters

Information Technologist IV

Brittni Widdick

Information Technologist IV

Institutional Research

Heidi Hedegard

Director of Institutional Research

Gregory Bird

Institutional Research Analyst

Internal Audit

Ashish Jain

Director of Internal Audit

Yasmin Clark

Audit Manager

Christine Heise

Senior Internal Auditor

Outreach and Enrollment Center

Elizabeth MacIntire

Outreach Enrollment Manager

Abigail Ashford

Outreach Enrollment Coordinator

Anthony Baldi

CRM Technologies Manager

Craig Houston

Outreach Enrollment Coordinator

Megan O’Gara

Outreach Enrollment Coordinator

Chrissy Rose

Outreach Enrollment Coordinator

Chelsea Sodergren

Outreach Enrollment Coordinator

Procurement Services Office

Christine Ashford

Chief Procurement Officer

Sean Buxton

Procurement Business Partner

Cynthia Cargill

Director of Operations

Jesse Frink

Director of Contract Management

Eric Gagnon

System Technical & Business Analyst

Renee Harlow

Procurement Manager

Todd Lewis

Director, Category Management

Debbie O'Neil

Procurement Sourcing Specialist

Michael Romeo

Procurement Contract Specialist

Karen Sayers

Procurement Business Partner

Mary Schneider

Procurement Business Partner

Linda St. Cyr

Director Procurement for Strategic Sourcing

Linda Sullivan

Procurement Sourcing Specialist

Treasurer’s Office

James Kulesza

Director, Treasury

Dianne DeMaggio

Treasury Analyst