DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is included in all iBeam network service. In collaboration with our New England partners, USNH subscribes to the Akamai (formerly Prolexic) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service. USNH connects to two national Akamai scrubbing centers. In the event of a DDOS attack USNH and Akamai will ‘route-on’, that is: reroute your internet traffic through the scrubbers. The scrubbed traffic is returned to the iBeam network and to your site. Because “route-on” can cause some disruption of service, and because the determination of an actual DDoS attack can often be nuanced and prone to false-positives, route-on is a manual process. USNH and Akamai monitor for and alert on anomalous high traffic. USNH network engineering then evaluates the alarm, and decides whether to activate “route-on”.