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A partnership based in mutual trust and respect.
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Your applications are shaping the future of your community and they rely on your network. That’s why we provide a variety of high-performance services, including worry-free internet and inter-site networks, co-location, application hosting, and more.

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Services Offered


iBeamNH delivers and maintains high-speed Internet to your enterprise, as well as private inter-site networks to connect multiple campuses together. iBeamNH offers direct-connection options for cloud, as well as to research networks such as Internet2.

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Direct Cloud Access

Direct low-latency layer-2 and layer-3 access to Amazon Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud infrastructures.

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DDoS Protection

Detection and full scrubbing of many-to-one and high-bandwidth Denial-of-Service  attacks on your network.

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Secure data-center co-location facilities for your servers and IT appliances.

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Application Hosting

Resilient server infrastructure for your application, housed at UNH Data Centers.

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Technical Consulting

NetworkNH can help you develop and deploy appropriate Wide Area network solutions, and help troubleshoot WAN-based applications.

Connecting New Hampshire's Communities

The NetworkNH team designed, constructed, and operates a 70-site, fiber-based Wide Area Network (WAN) throughout all 10 counties in New Hampshire known as the IBEAM (Infrastructure to Broaden Educational Access and Mindshare). We provide virtually unlimited bandwidth to all of the USNH institutions, multi-Gigabit service to the Community College System of New Hampshire, and many of non-profits around the state.

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Networking in NH

What People Are Saying...

“USNH has introduced a whole new way to think about networking services. We see this as a partnership that we’re happy to be a part of because the USNH team truly cares about our internal network, not just their own.”

Brent Ruggles – Grafton County – IT Manager

“USNH service is responsive and personal, and I am aware of the strength of the network.”

Matt Treamer – Northern Community Education Services - Associate Director

“With the USNH service, I never have to think about my ISP because I know they’re handling everything – a completely different experience than my last job where I needed to be on my providers all the time. Their network design is informed by their deep experience of what works, and also what does not work. Their service approach is based on their experience as a customer.”

Kevin Breslend – Plymouth State College - Director of Network Services and Security

“No ISP has this level of service. Outages are rare, but when we do need support it is important that we can get on the phone with a real person - one who we know and who knows us.”

Josh Olstad – Oyster River Cooperative School District – IT Director

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