M. Promotion and Advertising

(Note: OLPM sections on this page may be cited following the format of, for example, "UNH.III.M.1.1". These policies may be amended at any time, do not constitute an employment contract, and are provided here only for ease of reference and without any warranty of accuracy. See OLPM Main Menu for details.)

1.   Purpose

1.1   Provide opportunity to the University community and groups external to the University to promote and advertise their names, logos, products, services and activities while preserving the educational purposes of the University.

2.   Intent

2.1   Provide and preserve a quality educational environment for the enjoyment of the University community and general public.

2.2   Maintain appropriate standards in appearance and message of advertisements and promotions befitting an educational environment and in support of University policies

2.3   Generate revenue to support the operations and maintenance of the institution through the sale of advertisement and promotional opportunities

2.4   Prohibit the advertisement of the manufacturer, brand names and logos of tobacco and alcohol and other products that represent a significant risk to health or safety and/or the promotion of the use of such products.

3.   Procedure

3.1   Vice Presidents and/or RCM Unit Heads shall designate and allocate the inventory of available advertisement and promotional opportunities within facilities and on the grounds of the University.

3.2   The RCM Unit Heads and their respective staff shall solicit interest in advertising and promotional opportunities from businesses and organizations, and shall receive all inquiries from the same.

3.3   The RCM Unit Heads and their respective staff require all parties interested in advertisement and promotion to submit sketches, copies and/or descriptions of proposed advertisements and promotions for evaluation as to appropriateness and adherence to University policies.

3.4   In the event sketches, copies, and/or descriptions of proposed advertisements and promotions are found to be in appropriate and a violation of policy, the RCM Unit Heads will forward such findings to the appropriate vice president or their designee for review and final decision.

3.5   The RCM Unit Heads and their respective staff shall develop and execute written advertisement and promotion agreements, consistent with USNH policy and procedure, receive monies and manage accounts receivables related to the same.

3.6   The RCM Unit Heads and their respective staff shall coordinate the design, production and installation of signage, banners, etc., for the purpose of advertisement and promotions.