As a public college and university system, our work is conducted on behalf of the people of New Hampshire. Here you'll find information about the University System's Board of Trustees news and events, meetings, and the work of the Chancellor's Office.

The University System of New Hampshire is directed by a 27-member Board of Trustees comprising the Governor of the State, 11 Governor-appointed members, 6 alumni-elected members, 2 student-elected members, the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Agriculture, the presidents of the University System's four colleges and universities, and the Chancellor. The Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University System.

Officers for 2012-2013:

Chair - Pamela Diamantis
Vice Chair - John W. Small
Secretary - Judith (Jude) E. Blake


The Board accomplishes much of its work through its standing committees:

Executive Committee

Educational Excellence Committee

Financial Affairs Committee

Finance Committee on Investments

Governance Committee
Audit Committee

Robert A. Baines

KSC Alumni-Elected

Todd R. Black

UNH Alumni-Elected

Cathy Furtek Conway

Gubernatorial Appointee

The Honorable Maggie Hassan

Board of Trustees (ex-officio)

Tobi Afolayan

Rep. to the committee from Graduate School (UNH)

Virginia M. Barry

Commissioner of Education

Judith (Jude) Blake

UNH Alumni-Elected (Secretary)

Connor Brown

Rep. to the committee from Graduate School (UNH)

Kristina Brown

Rep. to the committee from Graduate School (PSU)

Richard Cavanaugh

Rep. to the committee from (USSB/GSC)

Frederick C. Dey

UNH Alumni-Elected

Pamela Diamantis

Gubernatorial Appointee (Chair)

Chester E. Hommer III

Gubernatorial Appointee

Mark W. Huddleston

President, University of New Hampshire

Anne E. Huot

President, Keene State College

John H. Lynch

Gubernatorial Appointee

Bryan W. Merrill

Student Trustee (UNH)

Lorraine S. Merrill

Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food

Joseph G. Morone

Gubernatorial Appointee

Kenneth C. Moulton

Gubernatorial Appointee

Timothy M. Riley

UNH Alumni-Elected

John R. Rist

Gubernatorial Appointee

Ryan M. Scrivano

Student Trustee (KSC)

John W. Small

Gubernatorial Appointee (Vice Chair)

Johnathan Snider

Rep. to the committee from (USSB/KSC)

Henry B. Stebbins

Gubernatorial Appointee

Sara Jayne Steen

President, Plymouth State University

Wallace R. Stevens

PSU Alumni-Elected

Michael A. Vlacich

Gubernatorial Appointee