11 - 023 Tagging/Bar-coding Equipment


This document explains the requirement and process used in tagging/bar-coding capital equipment. Timely identification and tagging/bar-coding of all capital equipment is required upon receipt or in the case of fabricated equipment, upon completion. A unique UNH/ USNH bar-code number is assigned and affixed to all capital equipment. Equipment which does not met the definition of equipment is not capitalized or bar-coded (see Procedure 11-020 - Acquisition of Equipment, Section A.1).

1. Why is this process necessary? Bar-coding of equipment is necessary for equipment identification, physical security, and maintenance of an accurate equipment inventory.

2. Responsibility: UNH Fixed Asset Management Department (for UNHD, UNHF, UNHL and UNHM) and USNH Property Control Office (for PSU, KSC, GSC, and System) are responsible for the bar-coding of equipment.


1. Bar-coding of Equipment: A unique property barcode tag, provided by UNH Fixed Asset Management or USNH property control will be affixed to each piece of equipment within 3 months of acquisition. It is the responsibility of the Custodian/Equipment Manager to make the item available for bar-coding.

2. Sponsor-Titled Equipment: In addition to the USNH/UNH barcode, if title is held by a government sponsor, a "Property of US Government" or "Property of State/Local Government" tag/barcode will be affixed to the item. A separate tag/barcode will be created for individual items owned by other types of sponsors (industrial, foundations, etc.).

3. Off-Campus Equipment: USNH 11-023F: Off-Campus Location (OCL) Form is initiated by UNH Fixed Asset Management/USNH Property Control when equipment is at an off campus location or when UNH Fixed Asset Management/USNH Property Control is unable to physically barcode equipment (such as testing instruments which can only be tagged between tests). The OCL is sent to the custodian/equipment manager of the equipment along with the barcode to be attached to the item. The custodian/equipment manager has the responsibility to physically attach the property control tag to the equipment and to complete the OCL form, see Procedure 11-023F: Preparation of Off-Campus Location (OCL) Form for instructions. Please return the completed form to UNH Fixed Asset Management/USNH Property Control in a timely manner.

4. Un-taggable Equipment: Some items of equipment, because of their size, location, or use, cannot be bar-coded. UNH Fixed Asset Management/USNH Property Control will add relevant location information in the Banner Fixed Assets Module to accommodate tracking these items.

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