09 - 107 Who Can Cardholders Purchase From?

** Please remember to support your on campus providers when possible **
For purchases from on-campus providers, please use a valid encumbrance number.

If the goods you need are provided by an on campus entity, use those services first. The cardholder is responsible for ensuring preferred and contracted suppliers are given priority when planning a purchase and that all applicable purchasing policies and procedures are adhered to. The Purchasing Card may be used to purchase authorized goods from suppliers (see Procedure 9-103, What Can the PCard be Used For?). At this time, you may use your Purchasing Card at the UNH and PSU bookstores.

The PCard may not be used at the following places:

  • KSC Bookstore

  • UNH Athletics

  • UNH Chem Stockroom

  • UNH Computer Store and Service Center

  • UNH Health Services

  • UNH Printing and Mail Services

  • UNH Telecommunications

  • UNH Transportation

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