09 - 106 Special Services Allowable on PCards

The following is a list of services which are to be considered standing exceptions to the 15% labor charge rule regarding services allowable on the PCard. The services listed below may be completed by a vendor of the procurer's choosing without the need for approval from the Purchasing Card Administrator, Purchasing Department, or Accounts Payable as long as the actual service that is being performed is not occurring on University property. Under no circumstances is a convenience check to be used for payment for services.

  • Chemical sample analysis and microanalysis

  • NH Department of Transportation driver physicals

  • Food preparation and delivery to campus (no set up, waitstaff, or clean up)

  • Graphic design

  • Library subscriptions and automatic series collection memberships

  • Memberships such as LinkedIn, Adobe, Google Play, Constant Contact, Basecamp, HootSuite, Facebook and other social media platforms

  • Ribbon customization for horse shows

  • Screen printing

  • Services that are provided by other state run colleges or universities (i.e. room rental and catering at NH Technical Institute)

  • Tool calibration and testing

Note that payments for services may NEVER be made via convenience check.

If you have any questions regarding the above listed services and whether your needs fall outside of their scope, please contact your purchasing card administrator.

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