09 - 102 Roles and Responsibilities

The Cardholder acts as an agent of the University System and its member institutions for activity specifically related to this Purchasing Card. They have agreed to adhere to all system and institutional policies and procedures and to use the Purchasing Card in compliance with the information set forth in their Cardholder's Guide.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safeguarding assets of the institution in such a way as to avoid fraud, abuse and waste of any kind.
  • Exercise sound judgment with regard to the resources at their disposal and exhibit integrity regarding all transactions they coordinate.
  • Acting in the highest of moral standards to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest.

Additionally, as the property of the department, institution and USNH, upon transfer to another department, termination/separation, or by request the cardholder must surrender their card to their Account Manager.

Consequences of misuse may include the loss of card privileges and/or reimbursement to the institution for unauthorized purchases.

Fraudulent use of the card may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and criminal prosecution.


A sponsor is required when the cardholder is a person that holds a non-status appointment for any institution within the university system. A "non-status" appointment applies to individuals whom are hired or contracted for a specific period at a set rate or fee. The "sponsor" must be an individual with a status appointment within the university system. Further, the "sponsor" is granting authority to the cardholder to make purchases on their behalf and will be responsible to review those purchases on a monthly basis at least and preferably more often.

Account and Business Manager Responsibilities

The Account Manager monitors daily purchasing activity for all cardholders under their responsibility for compliance with the above requirements. The Account Manager also monitors compliance with more restrictive requirements imposed on cardholders by their department.

The monitoring should take place both when a transaction is initially processed and at the end of the month when the monthly charges are reviewed in summary. At the end of the month, the Business Manager will review each cardholder's detailed transaction summary. Please see the cardholder, account manager and business manager responsibilities below.

The cardholder is responsible for:

The Account Manager is responsible for:

The Business Manager is responsible for:

  • Monitoring cardholder limits and card types for the RC unit
  • Reviewing PCard transactions before documentation is sent to imaging ensuring that:
    • Appropriate authorization was in place for all charges
    • The 5 W's are documented on all receipts
    • Expenses are allowable under related sponsored awards, if applicable
    • Correct FOAPALs are being utilized
    • Exceptions were obtained for purchases of restricted items, if applicable
    • Any required corrective action is logged and completed
    • And a signed, monthly PCard charges statement is included in the files
  • Serving as backup for the account manager
  • Investigating suspected misuse or fraud and initiate disciplinary action if needed
  • Ensuring transaction disputes are resolved in a timely manner
  • Ensuring appropriate steps were taken to report lost/stolen cards
  • Re-training cardholders on PCard policies if the need arises

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