07 - 118 Instructions for Completing the Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form

Travel Pre-Approval/Advance Form

[1]            Purpose of Form Indicate if you are requesting a travel advance and/or travel authorization.
[2]   Name Enter the name of the person traveling or the person responsible for the group.
[3]   Position/Title Enter your position or title.
[4]   Department Enter the name of your department, for instance, Chemistry or English.
[5]   Phone: Enter your campus phone number, or a number that you can be reached at during business hours.
[6]   Depart Date Enter the date you will begin your trip.
[7]   Return Date Enter the date you expect to return from your trip.
[8]   Destination Please provide a brief description of where the travel will take you and for what business purpose. This can be the city and conference name.
[9]   Project/Grant If your travel is related to a project or Grant, please enter the name of the project/Grant or Contract here.
[10]   Business Purpose Enter the business purpose for your travel, for instance, if for a conference, a brief description of the conference.
[11]   Travel Category Enter a travel category that is applicable for your travel.
[12]   Comments Enter any additional comments about the travel category.
[13]   Social Security
For non-employees, enter your social security number.
[14]   Address For non-employees, enter your mailing address.
[15]   Travel Means Indicate the mode of transportation you are using for your trip.
[16]   If by car, others in vehicle If you are traveling by car, list the other individuals who are traveling with you.
[17]   Estimated Expenses Enter the estimated expenses for each expense category.  
[18]   Description/
Enter any description or comments for each expense.
[19]   Sources of Funding If you know the source(s) of funding, enter it in this section.
[20]   Advance Amount Requested If you are requesting an advance, enter the amount requested here.
[21]   Disbursement of Advance Payment will be via General Disbursement or ACH.
[22]   Signature indicating advance was received The traveler will sign here to indicate the advance amount received and that they authorize deductions from their paycheck to satisfy payment of the advance or any unsubstantiated amounts.
[23]   Dean, Director or Dept. Head The Dean, Director or Dept. Head must sign and date the form indicating their approval.  
[24]   Office of Sponsored Research If the travel involves a grant account, then the Office of Sponsored Research must approve, sign and date the form.
[25]   Authorized BSC Representative The Authorized BSC Representative must sign and date the form.
[26]   Travel Coordinator/
If an advance is issued, the Travel Coordinator/Center must sign and date the form.
[27]   Disbursements Manager If an advance is issued, the Disbursements Manager must sign and date the form.
[28]   Traveler The Traveler must sign and date the form

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