06 - 019 Exception to Bid

Exception to Bid (ETB) - USNH06-019F

In accordance with USNH policy, for purchases exceeding the USNH bid limit, the University System of New Hampshire must procure all material, equipment, supplies and services via competitive means whenever practical.  However, in certain circumstances the competitive process may be waived and an exception may be approved by the Director of Purchasing, provided the requesting party can adequately justify the request.

The requesting party must complete the USNH-F619 - Exception to Bid (ETB) form.  This form is available in a Word or PDF document where the values can be filled in online then printed or submitted electronically.

  • USNH06-019F - Exception to Bid (ETB)      Word document - fill-in enabled
  • USNH06-019F - Exception to Bid (ETB)      PDF document - fill-in enabled

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