06 - 002 Contracting and Purchasing Delegations


This depicts the flow of the delegation authority from RSA 187-A (the establishment of the University System of New Hampshire) which is described in the USNH Charter to the Board of Trustees to the Treasurer. It also shows the delegation of authority from the Treasurer to other officials within USNH or at the constituent institutions of USNH.


Delegation of Authority

Contracting Policy Purchasing Policy
From the State - via the charter (RSA 187-A)  
The charter delegates to the Board of Trustees  
The Board of Trustees delegates to the Treasurer  

 The Treasurer's Delegations are:

  1. Procurement Related Delegated to the USNH Director of Purchasing
  2. Office of Sponsored Research
  3. All other
  • Senior Contract Officer
  • Campus Chief Financial Officers

Delegation from the USNH Director of Purchasing to campus purchasing managers

  • Set Bid Limits

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